March 20th is World Oral Health Day

This year’s “Say Ahh” campaign is a great reminder to talk about everything good and bad that starts with our mouths.

The inside of the human mouth has anywhere from 500-1,000 different bacterias in it. Some are good and help with protecting humans from disease, and others cause tooth decay and gum disease.

To keep mouths healthy, dentists work to clean and protect the teeth so it’s possible to maintain a healthy smile. In celebration of their efforts and our work as a population to improve our hygiene, on March 20th, we celebrate World Oral Health Day.

This year’s campaign slogan is: “Say Ahh” and it’s a great reminder to talk about everything good and bad that starts in our mouths.

Here are 3 tips for anyone looking to get started on the right path with oral hygiene:

  1. Start keeping a regular dental care routine at home. Brush and floss at least twice a day and in between meals.
  2. Eat a diet with fewer sugars and carbohydrates and more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Schedule routine dental visits for cleanings, X-rays and to discuss anything else you might be experiencing.

This day is also set aside to bring awareness around the issues that poor oral health brings about as well as tips on how people of all ages can protect their oral health.

As a health provider offering dental services, there is a responsibility to help the general public remain aware and educated about the benefits of oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

In the dental field, the proper disposal of medical waste is also a hot topic. Many practices struggle with maintaining compliance and understanding the requirements for ensuring that any hazardous waste is handled safely.

From gauze to sharps, there is a right and a wrong way to handle disposal to keep the public and environment safe.

To create a compliant dental office, it’s important to:

  • Establish policies and enforce them,
  • Learn what types of waste your facility is producing.
  • Work with a responsible waste disposal company to handle the hauling away and destruction of this waste.

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World Oral Health Day

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