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Archive for January 2018

Press Release: Code Red Merges With Red Bags

The Red Bags/Code Red merger offers unmatched local presence in New York City, while providing greater integration of services. Red Bags, one of New York’s leading medical waste disposal companies, today announced its merger with Code Red. This transaction fills a need in the current healthcare medical waste disposal system, and presents a unique opportunity…

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Best Practices vs. Medical Waste Disposal Laws

Medical facilities shouldn’t rely on the minimum legal standard for medical waste removal, but rather focus on the highest standards for patient and staff safety.   A medical waste removal program is designed to adhere to regulatory compliance and follow medical waste disposal laws to the letter.  Proper medical waste disposal is also about mitigating risk…

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What Medical Waste Training Is Required (and How Often) For Staff

OSHA Certification

Trained healthcare employees who are responsible for the safe disposal of medical waste is a necessity for the safety of patients and staff.  But how often staff will need to be trained will depend on the task … The EPA and OSHA have resources for healthcare facilities to create a training program that will ensure…

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Who Is Responsible for Packaging Medical Waste?

Medical waste packaging includes red bags, sharps containers, biohazard containers, and more.  But whose responsibility is it to ensure that medical waste goes where it belongs? On-site management of regulated medical waste is a multi-pronged issue, as there are state and federal regulations, all of which cover packaging, disposal, handling, and removal.  Many states require…

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Data Breaches in Healthcare On the Rise

For years the healthcare industry has been a prime target for cybercriminals, and there is no sign of healthcare data breaches slowing down. Healthcare data breaches are not only a costly catastrophe, but an event that compromises the safety and identity of customers.  The Ponemon Institute estimates that data breaches cost the healthcare industry approximately…

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