Hazardous Waste

Medical Waste Segregation Series: Blue Containers for Pharmaceutical Waste

Blue medical waste containers are designated for disposal of pharmaceutical waste. If you’ve been following along with our Medical Waste Segregation Series you’ve likely learned some valuable information on why a color-coding system for containers is necessary for both safety and sanitation at medical and healthcare facilities.

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Medical Waste Segregation Series: Yellow Containers

Chemotherapy medical waste is hazardous because it is pharmaceutical waste that includes drugs which can be harmful when in contact. Medical waste segregation is the practice of separating all hazardous solid and non-solid waste into clearly marked containers for proper handling, processing, and disposal. Following these rules will keep the public and the environment safe.…

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Medical Waste Segregation Series: Black Containers for Hazardous Waste

In this post, we’re looking specifically at black containers and their use in the medical field. Our Medical Waste Segregation Series is taking a closer look at the color-coding system used for collection containers in the field. Color-coded containers not only help distinguish what type of waste is inside but it also keeps health workers,…

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