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Archive for September 2018

Placenta Waste In Hospitals and At Home

How to dispose of medical waste such as the placenta after birth. Medical waste includes everything from lab cultures and stocks to donated blood to tissue excised for testing or to remove disease.  Anatomical waste is a specific kind of medical waste, and has specific disposal rules that come with it.  Some of this waste,…

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At-Home Birth and Medical Waste

A home birth begets a crash course in DIY medical waste disposal. Here’s what you need to know. At-home births are becoming more popular amongst families for ease, comfort, and a familiar surrounding. Of course, with home births comes waste that is not exactly safe for regular household trash. Home birth professionals can help the…

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Are Pregnancy Tests & Urine Containers Medical Waste?

Most medical waste requirements usually detail and outline definitions of what constitutes infectious waste, pathological waste, and so on. Here is one gray area… Medical waste requirements by state do a great job of outlining what is considered medical waste and what is not. On the obvious list of medical waste includes cultures and stocks…

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