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Archive for February 2018

Safe, Effective Medical Waste Disposal for Tattoo Parlors

When you think about the kinds of places that generate medical waste, a tattoo shop might not be the first place you picture. Medical waste disposal isn’t a compliance issue that is strictly tied to the healthcare community. While we may associate medical waste with hospitals, medical labs, doctors’ offices, or long-term care facilities, there…

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Medical Waste Requirements for Medical Spas and Technicians: Laser Hair Removal

While performed in a spa-setting, laser hair removal is actually considered a medical procedure. Here’s what medical spas need to know. Laser hair removal is a popular medical spa treatment to help clients remove unwanted hair because of its long-lasting effects. While performed in a spa-setting, laser hair removal is actually considered a medical procedure…

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Barbershops and Medical Waste? The Hazardous Truth

Medical waste is produced within a number of industries, even those that are least expected, including airports, tattoo parlors and even barbershops. Aside from medical counterparts, hazardous waste is produced by facilities from the least expected places. Whether it’s airports or tattoo parlors, the less-common industries are still held to the same standards and regulations…

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Pathacura Merges with Red Bags

Combined company will offer medical waste disposal, sharps disposal, and compliance training for medical waste generators in the state of Connecticut. Red Bags and Pathacura, providers of safe, compliant medical waste disposal services, today announced the merger of the two companies, creating a leading brand for medical waste generators to rely on for compliant disposal.…

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Are Soiled Linens Considered Medical Waste?

Sharps, surgical instruments, and red bag waste are all held to the same laws for medical waste disposal, but what about soiled linens? Medical waste segregation and using properly marked containers is not only good practice, it’s economical and leads to less waste.  Medical waste segregation deals with sharps waste, red bag waste, and general…

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