Dental Medical Waste

Medical Waste Segregation Series: The Importance of Color Coding

Working together with medical waste generators, waste disposal companies (like Red Bags) can ensure public and environmental threats are eliminated and that compliance requirements are met. Proper medical waste disposal is a very serious topic that affects hospitals, medical facilities, and various other industries. To protect the spread of disease, remain compliant with government standards and…

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Types of Medical Waste from Small Clinical Practices

Here are some examples of common medical waste produced in small clinical practices and how to handle it. With lessening mortality rates and an increased need for medical care across the globe, more and more clinical practices are opening their doors to offer services. Ranging from general to specialized care, these facilities are required to…

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Red Bags Blog Round Up – November 2018

Here’s what you missed on the Red Bags blog this month. November was a busy month for Red Bags on the news and best practices front. Here’s a quick rundown of the topics we’ve been discussing.

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