Celebrating Our Dental Customers on National Dentist’s Day

We tip our hats to the professionals that help us to keep bright and healthy smiles.

Dental professionals are tasked with helping people address the issues plaguing the insides of their mouths each day. They play an important role in the relief of some of the most painful situations. Dentists are known to be careful, understanding and caring individuals who make sitting through visits with drills and tools prodding at our mouths, survivable.

On March 6th, National Dentist’s Day we celebrate our dental customers and tip our hats to the professionals that help us to keep bright and healthy smiles.

Dental Hazardous Waste

To get to the root of problems, dentists use various sharp tools like needles, picks, scalpels, and drills as well as dangerous chemicals. In addition to working in an area of the body that holds bacteria, blood is usually also spilled while work is being done. This creates a hazardous waste environment. If these contaminated tools make it to landfills or down drains, they present a problem to the environment and the health of the general public.

Waste segregation including proper labeling of waste containers is important to ensure that any workers coming in contact with these hazardous materials are not put at risk.

Red Bags Dental Office Services

X-rays are a standard practice at yearly dental visits as well as when teeth are being fixed or a problem is being looked into. The ability to instantly see what’s happening underneath the gums and at the root is important. This waste is hazardous though because of the chemicals used to develop them.

Another important tool used by dentists, amalgam, which is what’s used to fill cavities in teeth, must also be treated as hazardous waste. The mixture contains ingredients that are dangerous and could even release mercury back into the environment so careful waste disposal is the only way to be safe. 

There are many other ways hazardous matter, including extracted teeth, are produced at a dental office so clean-up and careful disposal are an important part of their regulatory compliance needs.

Our waste disposal services keep dental offices working productively. Our comprehensive dental medical waste management service includes sharps disposal, medical waste disposal, environmentally responsible x-rya disposal, amalgam disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal, and hazardous waste disposal.

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