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Archive for March 2018

Dental Medical Waste Roundup: Hazardous Waste, Extracted Teeth and More…

Here’s what you missed this month on the Red Bags blog … Medical waste isn’t exclusive to just hospitals and doctors offices. Regardless of the type of practice, there will always be medical waste, and so these professionals must contract with a licensed medical waste hauler to pick up waste and deal with it appropriately.…

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Dental Medical Waste: X-Ray Developer

X-ray developer from analog x-rays cannot be disposed of in the trash. Here’s why this chemical solution is hazardous waste and how dental offices can mitigate risk and maintain safety and compliance. Caring for your teeth involves brushing and flossing twice a day, but more importantly, it means getting exams twice a year.  As part…

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Dental Medical Waste: X-Ray Fixer

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authority over matters concerning hazardous waste disposal. But what exactly is hazardous waste in the dental industry? If dentists still use analog x-ray machines, then x-ray fixer is high on the list.

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Dental Medical Waste: Amalgam Disposal

Dental amalgam disposal and storage is governed by a stringent set of laws. Part of a dentist’s job is emphasizing preventative care: brushing teeth twice a day, regular flossing, and visiting the dental chair twice a year for professional cleanings and checkups.  Beyond basic care, dentists also perform fillings, many made up of amalgam. By…

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Dental X-Ray Waste

Medical waste removal plans are a bit more complicated when it comes to dealing with a popular and necessary dental diagnostic tool: x-rays. Medical waste producers, including hospitals, private practice offices and dental facilities must have a medical waste removal plan to keep staff and patients safe, healthy, and free from contamination. This process includes…

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Industries We Serve: Dental Offices

Dental offices have a specific set of rules for medical waste. Here’s the basics. Medical waste management is considered one of the more ecological challenges that modern society faces today, but for certain facilities and businesses that must deal with regulated medical waste (RMW), knowing how to properly dispose and remove these materials is a…

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