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Archive for December 2017

Regulatory Facts That Small Healthcare Facilities May Be Overlooking

What Happens To Medical Waste?

To understand the details of medical waste compliance, smaller medical waste generators should be familiar with all regulatory issues. Laboratories, hospitals, private practice offices, dental facilities, and even veterinary offices are all places that produce medical waste, and they are required by federal, state, and even local laws, to create a medical waste removal plan. …

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Is Glass Considered Sharps Waste, Even If It’s Not Broken?

Don’t toss that glass in a red bag.  Your glass medical waste belongs in a sharps container. Here’s why. One of the most talked about topics in medical waste removal and disposal is sharps waste. Sharps is actually the medical term for a sharp-pointed object that can cut or puncture the skin, and this includes…

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Common Items Found In Medical Waste Containers That Are NOT Medical Waste

Mailing Sharps

Soiled linens. Non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Are they really considered medical waste? The process of segregating wastes into the right categories can greatly reduce the volume of regulated medical waste. You wouldn’t put paper trash into red bag waste, nor would you put sharps in a trash receptacle.  In these situations, you’re either paying for unnecessary…

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Wyoming Medical Waste Requirements

A look at Wyoming medical waste requirements. The Wyoming Department of Health and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Solid and Hazardous Waste Division govern the state’s medical waste and disposal regulations, many of which mirror other states.  In Wyoming, medical waste refers to any waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings…

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Are Used Saline Bags Considered Medical Waste?

Many items used in a healthcare facility are considered medical waste, but what about saline bags? There are plenty of waste items under the medical waste umbrella that are obviously infectious waste, but there are others that fall into a gray area and it can be confusing as to how to dispose of them.  While…

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Wisconsin Medical Waste Requirements

A look at Wisconsin medical waste requirements. In the state of Wisconsin, medical waste has a few different names. Biohazardous, red bag, and regulated medical waste all refer to waste that is infectious in nature, and it must be segregated from all other waste types.  Of course, not all medical waste is produced in a…

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West Virginia Medical Waste Requirements

A look at West Virginia medical waste requirements. West Virginia’s medical waste disposal is managed by the Office of Environmental Health Services Public Health Sanitation Division and outlines the specifics of how generators must treat and dispose of infectious waste.  In the state of West Virginia, medical waste is referred to as infectious medical waste…

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