White Plains Medical Waste Disposal

At Red Bags, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch, dependable medical waste disposal services to all healthcare facilities located in Westchester County. Our White Plains services include hauling of medical waste from doctors, dentists, funeral homes, and more.

Our certified staff and green-friendly services don’t just ensure your White Plains medical waste disposal happens in a responsible and stress-free manner, we’re also the insurance policy that your facility is following all compliance rules in New York.

White Plains Medical Waste Disposal Services

For an industry as highly regulated as medical waste management, you simply cannot afford to leave any gaps in the process.

White Plains is a central hub in southern Westchester County, and is home to many international headquarters and has a population of one million.

We are an expert on all the New York state medical waste rules and can help any facility located in White Plains to understand and meet the state’s many regulations and requirements. So, there’s never a question of how your waste has been handled and where it’s disposed.

Our services also help your White Plains operation to save money while putting your mind at ease. We’re with you every step of the way – from proper packaging and storage, to transportation and final disposal.

White Plains Medical Waste Disposal Services for Healthcare Facilities:

Whether you’re in need of services every day, every week, or every month, we can set up a routine schedule for your White Plains facility that ensures your employees and the environment remain safe.  

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White Plains Medical Waste Disposal

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