New York State Solid Waste Regulations: Proposed Changes

New York State recently closed open comments for its proposal on changes solid waste regulations. Here’s what the changes include.

In 2016, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in New York State put forth lofty revisions to its solid waste regulations. While the focus was primarily on the illegal disposal of construction and demolition debris, the overall process proves that how and when the state regulates waste will always have room for revision.

According to local news sources, it appears that the DEC is moving things around a bit; the goal is to subdivide the solid waste management facility regulations into groups that are similar in nature, such as facilities that recycle and recover materials.  Where one part documented all criteria are now broken out into 6 different parts.  Regulated medical waste, instead of being included in part 360 of the official document is now contained in part 365, which outlines all of the requirements, licenses, and protocols to follow when generating, disposing, and treating medical waste.  Here’s a summary of what’s required in New York State.

A public hearing was held earlier in July, however there has been no further news from the DEC on whether these changes will take effect and when.

As the solid waste industry changes and grows, so, too, does our need to properly dispose of this waste.  Each and every state’s ruling takes into account the growing industry with an emphasis on public health: businesses will have flexibility to operate under these jurisdictions while protecting the environment at large.

Poor management of medical waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients, and the community at large to infection, toxic effects and injuries, and also risks polluting the environment.  Compliance is one of the hot button topics in the medical waste management industry, and failure to keep up on changing regulations can mean hefty fines and non-compliance legal issues. How are you keeping up on proposed changes in your state?

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