Residential Medical Waste Pick-up? Here Are The Options

Perhaps you’ve fielded a call from a client asking about what they can do with their residential medical waste. Here are some options they might consider.

Medical waste disposal is a topic we cover in-depth here on the blog because it’s important to us and to help our clients maintain compliance. There is simply no better way to protect individuals and the environment from potential infection or contact with hazardous waste, then by working with a licensed medical waste hauler. These steps aren’t just necessary for businesses like health facilities that produce tons of medical waste. Even residential medical waste should be handled responsibly. With a growing amount of people administering medication at home, it’s become an important area of focus across populations. So we thought it was a good idea to go over the basics as a refresher.

Here are some options when it comes to residential medical waste pick-up.

Disposal of General Medical Waste: Most of the medical waste that is generated at home is considered general medical waste. Places such as hospitals and even police stations may take these items back for disposal. Be sure to check local laws as some states have special requirements for taking back medical waste at hospitals. For example, here are the rules for those living in the five boroughs of New York City.

Expired Pharmaceuticals: Expired pharmaceuticals can usually be dropped off at pharmacies for disposal. Some police stations also host special disposal days where this waste can be dropped off for safe destruction.

Using Mail-Back Programs: For small quantities of medical waste like sharps, using a mail-back program is one way to maintain safety and save time while ensuring the waste is being professionally handled.

Waste Hauler Services: Since residential medical waste is non-regulated in most states, there is no requirement to use a licensed hauler. However, many professional services are still offered for homeowners that need it. Check the local laws and find a company that can be trusted to dispose of residential medical waste.

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