Start the Year Off Right with a Medical Waste Transporter You Trust

Here are just some of the ways that Red Bags sets itself apart from the competition.

As we enter into a new decade, the need to remain compliant and protect the public and the environment has never been greater. Businesses that produce or handle medical waste must take steps to partner with providers that will not only help them dispose of this waste, but do so in a compliant manner, without disrupting efficiency at their operations.

We’re Red Bags. A medical waste disposal company with service options offered nationally. We were established by professionals who have extensive experience in the proper disposal of medical waste. Our core focus is to offer customers the best and most consistent services and to never stop working to earn and keep your business.

If you’re ready to start the year off right and partner with a medical waste transporter you can trust, we’d love a minute of your time to explain why Red Bags is the best choice you can make.

Here are just some of the ways we differentiate our services.

Honest, Fair Pricing

We believe in keeping costs transparent. You never have to worry about hidden fees with our services. In addition, we don’t force customers into long-term contracts because we believe our quality of work and relationships with clients builds a natural trust that’s kept some of our long standing clients working with us for years.

Speedy, On-time Service

If there’s one thing we know all businesses are short on, it’s time. Time means money, and there seems to never be enough in one day to get everything done. We get it. That’s why our services are reliable, speedy and always on-time. We’ll never leave you waiting around wondering when your next medical waste disposal pick-up will arrive. Convenient same and next day service options are available.

Partner Education

We believe in continually striving to be the best at what we do. Over the years Red Bags has maintained compliance with all the latest rules and regulations from the DOT, DEC, DEP, OSHA, local health departments, CDC, FDA and others. We educate our customers on all these fronts as a testament to our dedication to provide the best services possible. We also offer the Red Bags compliance portal and offer blood borne pathogen training.

Ready to get things right started for 2020? Contact Red Bags today!

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