Mail-Back Programs for Medical Waste

Mail-back programs play a key role in ensuring that no potentially infectious waste is left laying around for accidents to occur.

Here at Red Bags, we talk a lot about the services we offer when it comes to medical waste disposal. Our professional waste handling services help generators to remain compliant while also removing the burden of what to do with potentially hazardous medical waste.

One thing to remember is that pick-up services aren’t the only route you can take to keep your environment and the public safe. Mail-back programs for pharmaceutical waste and medical waste both play a key role in ensuring that potentially infectious waste isn’t left laying around for accidents to occur.

With a mail-back program, your waste disposal provider will offer the option to send back any medical waste via postal service. This can be a waste that is no longer needed or used or that otherwise cannot be disposed of down a drain or using other refuse methods.

If you’re a small waste generator or would like to keep costs low, a mail-back program is a terrific option.

As with any medical waste, there are packaging guidelines and rules that must be adhered to. Your waste disposal provider will ensure you have the proper materials and steps needed for mailing in the medical waste safely.

Pharmaceutical waste disposal can also be done using a mail-back program in many instances. The waste that is usually mailed back are drugs that are expired or not used and cannot be flushed or tossed down the drain such as a DEA controlled substances. Mailing them back ensures safe processing and disposal.

Remember, to remain compliant with all state and industry regulations, it is key to not only work with a professional disposal company, but also to obtain all necessary destruction manifests for safekeeping.

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