Types of Medical Waste from Small Clinical Practices

Here are some examples of common medical waste produced in small clinical practices and how to handle it.

With lessening mortality rates and an increased need for medical care across the globe, more and more clinical practices are opening their doors to offer services. Ranging from general to specialized care, these facilities are required to conform to government regulations and procedures.

When it comes to waste, much of these small practices are also producing hazardous and infectious wastes that must be properly stored and disposed of.

Clinical Practices

Clinical practices seeing children and families for general care and annual physicals are among the most common ways doctors serve the public today. However, small practices that address specific conditions, such as treating vein disease, hip injuries or even for oncology, are growing. Still, these providers must comply with regulations and laws just as a large hospital would.

Types of Medical Waste

Various types of medical waste can come out of these smaller facilities ranging from sharps and blood-soaked bandages to bodily tissues and even human excretions and waste. Whether collected, spilled or resulting from a procedure done at the facility, proper handling is necessary. Protecting healthcare workers, the environment and the general public from the risk of infection and spread of disease requires knowledge, rules enforcement and a team of professionals to assist.

Safe Disposal

The only way to ensure the safe removal of medical waste from a small clinic is to have it hauled away by a licensed medical waste disposal company. The removal includes a closely monitored process that treats and renders the waste harmless for recycling or tossing. 

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