Should I Toss My At-Home Health Test Kit in the Trash?

How to dispose of at-home health test kits and why taking the proper steps for disposal is necessary.

Thanks to today’s medical and technological advancements, it’s become easier to take control over personal health. From heart rate trackers and step counters to connected medical devices like pacemakers that can be monitored by doctors around the clock – there’s a lot we can do for personal health.

At-home health test kits can give people answers about blood sugar levels, pregnancy, and even STDs in the comfort of their homes.

The kits typically come with the medical supplies such as sharps and other chemicals to measure necessary elements that give you results.

What happens though once you have your answer? Do you simply throw it all in the trash can or is it now hazardous waste you need to dispose of responsibly?

In this post, we’ll look at the ways to dispose of at-home health test kits and why taking the proper steps for disposal is necessary.

First, consider the sample collection needed for the kit. Whether its urine, saliva or blood can have an impact on how it needs to be disposed of. For example, any samples that have blood even mixed into them (such as urine with blood in it) become hazardous waste that must be handled as such. 

Since most kits come with sharps and other tools to collect the samples, you should have a sharps container ready to collect those used needles and sharps when you’re done. If you don’t have an actual one, a thick, plastic laundry detergent bottle with a cap will do. You need something that won’t easily become punctured to store and toss the disposable waste in. This not only reduces the possibility of spreading diseases but also stops accidental needlesticks from happening. If you’re unsure about your medical waste and how to dispose of it, be sure to ask a professional for the correct steps. Protect the public and the environment and take responsibility for your waste.

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