Armonk Medical Waste Disposal Services

Red Bags is your responsible partner helping you to safely remove and dispose of all medical waste. Our disposal services not only keep you compliant with laws and regulations governing the safe removal of potentially hazardous medical waste, but it can also help protect the public and the environment from risk and harm.

We don’t just get rid of the medical waste you’ve generated at your facility, but we also offer green-friendly services that take the safety of the environment into account too. From doctors, dentists, funeral homes, tattoo shops and more. Consider Red Bags your insurance policy so you know that your Armonk facility is following all compliance rules for the state of New York.

Medical Waste Disposal Services in Armonk

Armonk, a hamlet located in the town of North Castle, and is home to technology giant IBM and other reputable businesses of Westchester County. A key responsibility is entrusted to these waste generators to stop the spread of disease and accidental injury caused by things like needle sticks. It also helps to keep dangerous chemicals from making their way into landfills where they can seep into the earth’s soil.

Trust Red Bags with all the details. We’ll even help educate you on the rules so you can fully understand and follow them at all times.

Services Offered for Armonk Healthcare Facilities include:

  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Chemotherapy Waste Disposal
  • Pathological Waste Disposal
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Universal Waste Disposal
  • Document Destruction Services

We also believe in full transparency with the businesses we work with. That means we’ll help you get situated with separating and storing waste until we pick it up and keep you informed throughout the entire process – from packaging and storage to transportation and final disposal. You’ll never have to question how your medical waste has been handled.

Request a quote today for medical waste disposal in Armonk!

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