Press Release: Code Red Merges With Red Bags

The Red Bags/Code Red merger offers unmatched local presence in New York City, while providing greater integration of services.

Red Bags, one of New York’s leading medical waste disposal companies, today announced its merger with Code Red. This transaction fills a need in the current healthcare medical waste disposal system, and presents a unique opportunity to remake access to high-quality waste solutions and expansion of offerings in the New York City area.

“This combination brings together the expertise of two great companies to redefine the medical waste disposal experience as a whole. By merging Red Bags’ experience in medical waste disposal services and Code Red’s expertise in set procedures and regulations, we are in a solid position as New York City’s front door to quality and safe medical waste disposal,” said Sean Fredricks, CEO of Red Bags.

Laboratories, hospitals, private practice offices, dental facilities, and even veterinary offices are all places that produce medical waste, and they are required by federal, state, and even local laws, to create a medical waste removal plan.  Poor management of medical waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients, and the community at large to infection, toxic effects and injuries, and also risks polluting the environment.

“For over 5 years, Code Red has provided cost effective and responsible solutions for medical waste disposal in New York City. By focusing on this goal and our customer’s needs, we are now expanding our services to include: compliance training, paper shredding, pill bottle shredding, media destruction, hard drive destruction, file storage, and the disposal of light and universal wastes” said Jose Rodriguez of Code Red, who will remain on as a Partner.

Despite the abundance of information on proper disposal and the laws, there is still an abundance of overlooked mistakes that medical waste generators make with their medical waste removal. Not only is this a compliance issue, it’s an environmental and health issue. Together with Code Red Medical Waste Solutions, Red Bags aims to combat these obstacles and help medical waste generators with regulatory compliance, all while delivering exceptional service to its client base.

“Red Bags has a talented and dedicated group of employees working to build a healthier world every day. Our combined company will be more competitive in the marketplace and accelerate progress toward safe and effective medical waste disposal,” said Fredricks.

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