Summer Camp Medical Waste Disposal

Medical attention offered on-site provides peace of mind, but consider that disposal of waste from medical attention is also key to protect everyone at camp.

For many, the summer means vacations, poolside relaxation, and downtime from academic studies. However, for working parents, things don’t come to a halt for these 3 warmer months of the year. Summer camp offers the perfect option not only for parents whose children must have somewhere to spend their days but is also a terrific way to expand a child’s social skills.

Most programs include recreational activities for various age groups to foster socialization skills and relationship building. Activities such as group sports activities and arts and crafts are common.

Some camps have extended sleep away stays and others offer day time programs where children return home at the end of the day.

While there’s a lot of learning and fun to be had at summer camp, keeping kids and others at the camp safe for their stay is important.

First aid and nurse stations are a staple at summer camps to help with children who might fall, get a cut or scrape – or when other emergency incidents occur.

There’s no doubt medical attention on-site provides peace of mind, but consider that disposal of medical waste is also key to protect everyone at camp.

For this reason, camps should have a standard practice in place for medical supplies, how used products are tossed and where potentially hazardous medical waste is stored for disposal. This is the only way to ensure that there are no avoidable accidents with the waste. Needlesticks, exposure to dangerous chemicals and infection spread are only some of the potential hazards.

To maintain a safe summer camp environment consider these steps:

Understand Medical Waste Separation

Keeping used medical waste in properly labeled and safe containers is critical. Especially in an environment with children, safe storage of waste is critical. If you’re unsure of the containers required for your waste, work with a professional medical waste hauler to set your camp up for compliance.

Know State and Local Regulations

Speaking of compliance, it’s critical that summer camp programs know, understand and follow all local and state regulations for the storage and hauling away of any medical waste. A professional medical waste disposal company can help provide necessary information on this front.

Red Bags offers medical waste disposal services that put everyone’s mind at ease and that offer needed support for summer camps looking to remain compliant throughout the season. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a pick-up!

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