Are Reusable Sharps Containers Clean?

Typical decontamination and wash down steps taken for reusable sharps containers include the use of chemical cleaning agents, water pressure, and high temps.

Sustainability roadmaps have become important for most operations. Especially in the healthcare setting, the need to cut costs is growing. Through the use of reusable items, such a promise has been realized. When it comes to sharps disposal, there are reusable options that can assist with reducing waste and lowering costs compared with single-use containers. This is in addition to the need to maintain strict sanitation practices.

For some, the fear of how these items would be cleaned for reuse may have hindered consideration of the option in the past, but today there are very safe and proven methods for cleaning reusable sharps containers worth knowing about.

Infection Control

First, it’s important to understand that the infectious particles left behind in an empty, used sharps container, are unlikely to pose a risk. But, to ensure that there is no way for infection to occur, there are very specific and measured decontamination process that is used to remove all potential infectious waste and residue from the receptacle before it is returned for reuse.

For waste generators, it’s also important to maintain safe and clean premises and cabinets where the sharps containers are stored if you want to remove all potential risks for infection.

Wash Down Steps

Typical decontamination and wash down steps taken with reusable sharps containers include the use of chemical cleaning agents, water pressure, and temperatures all monitored to specific levels to ensure the removal of all residue happens. Once complete, the surfaces are safe and clean again for use.

If you’re in a high volume healthcare setting and produce large amounts of medical waste, in particular sharps waste – it is important to consider reusable sharps containers for long term cost savings and efficiency. Eliminate the need to purchase new supplies, or using something that could pose poking risks. Reusable sharps containers are sturdy, leak-proof and with robotic solutions, there is no need for humans to lift out the waste or sanitize the container before returning it.

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