Why Reusable Sharps Containers Should be Used for Chemotherapy

As treatments for cancers increases in the U.S., there is a critical need to reduce spending and keep costs low across hospitals and facilities.

We’ve talked on our blog before about the importance of segregated containers when it comes to hazardous waste. For medical facilities treating patients with chemotherapy, keeping these containers clear and visible is important – not only to protect workers who come in contact with the waste, but also for separating the possibly dangerous matter when it comes time to dispose.

Typically separated in yellow containers, there are a number of different types of chemotherapy waste. From empty vials, to syringes, and IVs, it is critical that these undergo very specific disposal processes.

As treatments for cancers increases in the U.S. there is also a critical need to reduce spending and keep costs low across hospitals and facilities. It has become critical that steps are taken to properly dispose of the hazardous materials without escalating costs.

Some hazardous chemo waste has even been found in landfills and immediate efforts to clean up these risks are in place.

To do so, health facilities are being urged to switch to reusable sharps containers over throw away bags and disposable containers. Instead of having to continue purchasing new supplies, or using something that could pose poking risks, the safer alternative is to go with a reusable sharps container for chemotherapy waste.

These containers are sturdy, leak-proof and don’t require humans to lift out the waste and therefore, increase risks. Instead robotic arms safely empty the containers and sanitize them before returning to be used again.

With risks running high and the need to remain compliant a must, work with a waste disposal company that can ensure haul away and destruction is done right.

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Reusable Sharps Containers for Chemotherapy

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