Celebrating National Primary Care Week (NPCW) 2020

We’re kicking off the month of October by celebrating National Primary Care Week 2020 in honor of healthcare our customers dedicated to providing care for all. 

Primary care physicians, students, and doctors in training are essential to the health of the public. They help not only manage health, but they also provide routine physicals, screenings, and immunizations.  

Here at Red Bags, we’re kicking off the month of October by celebrating National Primary Care Week (NPCW) 2020. We honor our customers who dedicate their work to providing care for all. 

During this week, Primary Care Physicians around the country spend time focused on improving the care they can give to their patients. These improvements include new technological capabilities and how to reach underserved populations best. 

Sponsored by the American Medical Student Association, this is also a week where health profession students are encouraged to collaborate with other primary care teams to find ways to help those in their community and other underserved populations so that they all may receive the same level of care. 

So many families depend on primary care doctors for their overall health and livelihood. Due to that, the profession’s importance in the U.S. healthcare system cannot go unrecognized. 

We are very proud of all primary care health professionals – especially those we serve with medical waste disposal services. Your heroic efforts are applauded. 2020 has turned out to be an epic year of uncertainty and new norms. At the center of this global pandemic, we are still very much fighting as a world. Health workers have stepped up their efforts to provide care for all to ensure appropriate care can always be received. For that, we thank you! 

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