Peekskill Medical Waste Disposal Services

If you’re a healthcare facility located in Westchester County, you’re likely familiar with sanitation regulations including the disposal of all medical waste. Red Bags is your ally helping you to meet all compliance needs when it comes to safe storage and disposal of medical waste – from sharps to pharmaceuticals and more. Our services in Peekskill provide doctors offices, dentists, funeral homes, and more with reassurance that their waste is being handled properly.

Our waste disposal services come second to none and we’re dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and protecting the environment so our services are also green-friendly! It’s up to you as the owner of a medical facility in Peekskill to know that you’re following all compliance rules required by the state of New York. We’re here to help!

Peekskill Medical Waste Disposal Services

As part of our management and disposal services for medical waste, we ensure that all potentially hazardous biomedical waste is kept separate from other trash at facilities. This is key to stopping the spread of disease as well as accidental injuries such as needlesticks. These practices are also critical to curb the dangerous chemicals that are making their way into landfills and the earth’s soil and water supply.

We come to your facility with the appropriate paperwork and trucks ready to haul away whatever waste your Peekskill, New York business has to toss. We uphold all necessary responsibilities and understand all of the New York state medical waste rules so you can rest assured you’re always following them.

We aren’t just transparent every step of the way – from proper packaging and storage, to transportation and final disposal of medical waste, but we’ll also provide necessary documentation.

Peekskill Medical Waste Disposal Services Offered:

  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Chemotherapy Waste Disposal
  • Pathological Waste Disposal
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Universal Waste Disposal
  • Document Destruction Services

Not sure how much waste your facility will produce regularly? No problem! We offer convenient pick-up and haul away schedules. Our flexible options are set-up to meet the varied needs of health facilities. Have just one load a week you need hauled away? No problem. Looking for daily medical waste pick-up for your Peekskill health facility – we’ve got you covered too!

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