Nurse Appreciation Week |Celebrating Nurses Across the Nation this May

In light of the current events that have unfolded across the nation due to COVID-19, this year’s Nurse Appreciation Week and National Nurses Day have an especially important significance.

Each year, May 6 is a day dedicated to showing nurses how much we care about them and thank them for their service to allow for the livelihood and wellbeing of others. We also continue throughout the week ending on May 12.

Never has there been a more prominent time to honor nurses for what they provide to society as a whole than right now.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken the world, a light has been cast upon just how important of a role nurses are to our health and safety. These frontline workers are putting others before themselves each day and rolling up their sleeves to do what it takes to ensure consistent quality care is delivered.

For a quick history lesson, this week became a national observance back in 1954 and the May 12th date is also the birth date of a well-known English nurse and the professional founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale.

Due to the many social distancing rules in place and restrictions on public gatherings, the typical banquets and events held to honor nurses may not be possible this year, but it’s still important that we, the public, take the time to show your appreciation in new ways.

Many are sending out messages on lawn signs to thank them for their services as they drive through neighborhoods, others are donating meals, and offering assistance in a number of ways to make a nurse’s day just a bit easier and brighter. Larger businesses have also launched appreciation efforts to honor nurses and are offering free coffee, food items, and more for healthcare workers in honor of Nurse Appreciation Week.

To all nurses across the nation, and to those customers of ours in the field, we want to truly say THANK YOU! It is an honor to know you all and we couldn’t survive and battle this current pandemic without your selfless care and dedication to your jobs.

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Nurse Appreciation Week

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