Celebrating National Pharmacist Day! 3 Tips for Safe Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

In honor of National Pharmacist Day, we’re offering some tips on safe pharmaceutical waste disposal.

Medical professionals play an important role in the care and health of patients across the globe. From treatment to diagnosis, many lean on these professionals for care and assistance to get them through ailments and illnesses of all sorts. 

Pharmacists, who work specifically on administering medications, immunizations, and education for the community, are central to medical care plans. January 12, 2019, has been designated “National Pharmacist Day” to recognize the work done in their field and to show gratitude for keeping the public healthy throughout the year. 

In honor of this day, we’re offering some tips on safe pharmaceutical waste disposal.

Get to Know the Rules 

Understanding the types of waste produced at a pharmaceutical location is key in creating a sound disposal plan. For example, there are rules on the safe disposal of many drugs and medications as contamination of the environment and ill effects for those who come in contact with them is possible. Then, there are controlled substances that must legally be shipped back to vendors when unused or expired. If your location administers immunizations, you also have sharps disposal needs. Knowing these rules is critical to meeting compliance requirements. 

Provide Up-to-Date Training

While rule enforcement is certainly important, another layer of maintaining safe waste disposal practices is to ensure that all employees are in compliance and practicing what’s been requested. It is important to offer up-to-date training for all new and current employees on the proper disposal methods and which bins to use for waste. 

Partner with a Waste Management Provider 

Here at Red Bags, we get it, you’re busy. It’s flu season and the lines are long. Working with a professional medical waste management company makes it easier to keep up to date with compliance and to ensure your waste is disposed of properly. 

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