National Nurses Week – Celebrating Our Nurses

Celebrating nurses who apply their skills and compassion each day and work under tremendous levels of stress to provide care.

This week, in honor of “National Nurses Week,” we’re dedicating this blog post to celebrate America’s 4 million registered nurses who put in the extra long hours and dedication alongside health providers to ensure patients, doctors, and all others receiving health care services are taken care of.

National Nurses Week began back in 1993 and was established by the American Nurses Association. It declared the week of May 6-12 as a week to, “celebrate and elevate the nursing profession.”

Nurses provide everything from education to comfort and even coordinated care for patients to ensure all necessary information is kept up to date and accurate for the best outcome – both for the patient and for the productivity of other medical staff.

For anyone who has ever had a family member or who they themselves had to stay at a hospital,  know that nurses are sometimes the solace providing answers, attending to needs and also standing alongside the doctor for support during a hospital visit.

Nurses are also typically first to respond when alarms sound, apply their skills and compassion each day and work under tremendous levels of stress, all to ensure that experiences during these trying times are handled with care.

We salute all our customers who are nurses and whose staff is made up of nurses, whom we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. We want to say thank you for your hard work and dedication, and also help to bring awareness to the need for new workforce entrants to pursue a career in this rewarding field of service to others.

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