Red Bags Is a Member of the Medical Waste Management Association: What Does This Mean For You?

Why our Medical Waste Management Association affiliation is important for you, too.

Being part of a professional association comes with a host of benefits, but one that is generally the same across all is the ability to enhance services for the consumer. For Red Bags, nothing could be truer, which is why we are proud to be a part of the Medical Waste Management Association.

The Medical Waste Management Association promotes best practices, ethical standards, and education within the medical waste disposal industry. As members, Red Bags must abide by a code of ethics, which includes fair pricing, being good corporate citizens within the communities we serve, and adhering to federal and state laws as they pertain to safe medical waste disposal. A code of ethics can help companies improve business relationships. Ethical values are designed to provide guidance when working with other companies and, of course, our customers. These values are priceless, as they help us help you; whether it’s how we conduct business, how we handle customer questions and feedback, and ensure that we are providing quality experiences. 

What’s more, the Medical Waste Management Association is a huge resource for the latest in education and current trends, and as such, Red Bags can pass this onto you, the customer for best in class medical waste disposal.

Professional organizations allow for a congregation of intelligent, like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of the industry to gather and provide everyone with access to a variety of opinions, ideas, and the latest in regulations. When you contract with Red Bags, look at our professional association links: it means we have made an investment in not only our business, but in you, our customers.

If you’re shopping for medical waste disposal vendors to work with, it is imperative that you choose a vendor who is backed by the Medical Waste Management Association.

Red Bag’s active involvement with the Medical Waste Management Association puts us at the forefront of everything happening in medical waste removal, enabling us to give you the best quality of service. As members, we are held to a higher standard of medical waste disposal policies and procedures, so you can rest assured that your medical waste will be safely and properly disposed of. 

Want to learn more about our professional affiliations and how we can serve you? Contact us today.

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