Medical Device Data Tracking: What You Need to Know

A closer look at medical device data tracking as well as concerns and identity theft aspects.

There is so much benefit to modern medicine and technology today when it comes to saving lives. Innovations have made it possible to keep a heart ticking, blood flowing and even for those who have lost limbs to regain their mobility.

To make this possible, medical devices are being released by manufacturers at rapid speeds. Maintaining close control of all of these devices is key according to the FDA.

What is Medical Device Data Tracking?

The goal is to use medical device tracking so that it’s possible for manufacturers to locate devices when needed and more importantly ensure that any malfunctioning or recalled devices are accounted for.

The FDA requires this type of tracking on certain devices – like those implanted into the body for long periods of time and mandates manufacturers initiate the program that can track their medical devices down to the patient level.

Why is Medical Device Tracking Important?

One of the most important reasons for tracking these Class II or Class III devices as we mentioned above is to help facilitate notifications and recalls for any devices that could potentially cause serious risks to patients using them.

Protecting Personal Data

Those who receive these devices for use do have the right to waive tracking of their personal information such as their name, address and social security number, but that also comes with risk.

As more and more devices are connected to the Internet and sending information wirelessly to doctors and hospitals, there are many benefits for patients and the increasing chance of cybersecurity crimes.

To protect personal data and information being passed by these devices, it’s critical that manufacturers of medical devices as well as health care delivery organizations are vigilant about reducing hazards and staying up-to-date with all network security requirements. If you’re looking for ways to dispose of medical devices no longer in use and worried about the potential of a breach, let Red Bags help. Our compliant processes ensure disposal is handled safely and efficiently.

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Medical Device Data Tracking

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