A Closer Look at Medical Marijuana Disposal

Here’s a closer look at medical marijuana disposal requirements and responsibilities in the medical setting.

Medical marijuana is the largest in its segment type, as its use grows to help with cancer, mental disorders, chronic pain, and other diagnoses. In fact, it’s projected to reach an upwards of $146B by the end of 2025 according to Grand View Research. That’s a large market size and one that’s becoming more and more commonplace. As this happens, regulations around it’s cultivation, dispensing and disposal practices are also being introduced.

Medical marijuana disposal requirements and responsibilities in the medical setting.

First things first. Understanding the regulations pertaining to marijuana disposal for each state is important. From the processes used to dispose of unused or expired marijuana, to how to handle customer returns, getting rid of displays and the neccessary paper trail for compliance – it’s important as a responsible dispensary to understand and comply with all rules.

Cannabis is considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance and because the byproducts may still contain regulated substances – such as the THC chemical, it must be treated in the disposal process as such.

In addition to dangers to humans if misused, there are also environmental concerns that call for proper management of the waste disposal process by dispensaries.

Some of the ways medical marijuana is disposed of depends on state requirements and the type of product being handled include:

  • Use of a secure receptacle:Waste disposal containers located at the physical location is one way to safely collect medical marijuana disposal. Be sure the container is in a safe place where only responsible staff or employees can access it.
  • Trusting a waste hauling service: To assist in proper disposal, working with a waste hauler can ensure compliance with all local and state laws, and also provide necessary documentation and tracking to follow the waste through to its destruction.

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