Hempstead Medical Waste Disposal

Hempstead Medical Waste Disposal – Disposing of medical waste safely and sanitary is essential to protect the public and maintain regulatory compliance. Any health facility or other waste generator producing biohazardous medical waste like used sharps from needs, blood-soaked gauze, and other dangerous materials, chemicals, and medications must follow specific rules for the safe storage and disposal of these items. Not only on-premise- but also in the transport and final destruction. The only way to ensure this is happening as it should is to work with a professional medical waste hauler. 

Red Bags provides an easy and affordable way to dispose of medical waste.  We provide “Safety Boxes” and red bags with our service and pick them up for safe transport and disposal. We’re like an insurance policy, helping you to feel confident that the waste coming from your facility has been appropriately handled. 

Our certified staff of professionals follows all local New York state regulations and industry-specific rules. We also maintain transparency throughout the entire process, so you never have to question how your waste was handled. 

If you’re a doctor’s office, dentist, funeral home, tattoo parlor, or other business that generates potentially hazardous medical waste, we want to help you. 

We have also updated our procedures in strict compliance with the CDC during COVID-19, and our green-friendly services mean you can do your part to protect the environment.

Medical Waste Disposal Services in Hempstead 

Hempstead is a large town located in Nassau County and the largest in terms of population in New York State. With an area as expansive as this, you must do your part to remain compliant and choose a waste hauler who can take care of all the steps you need for safe medical waste disposal. 

We offer efficient, easy to follow pick-up processes so you’ll save time and money in the long run. 

Services Offered for Hempstead  Healthcare Facilities:

  • Medical Waste
  • Chemotherapy Waste
  • Pathological Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Universal Waste
  • Document Destruction

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