Can Dried Blood Transmit Disease?

Blood is one of the most dangerous substances you can come into contact with. Here’s why you should never touch dried blood.

Blood is one of the most dangerous substances a person can come into contact with. Whether you stumble upon blood in public or have witnessed an accident or crime scene, it’s critical to exert caution when you approach blood of any kind.

Even if you know the person whose blood you have encountered, it’s critical to exercise extreme caution around the spilled liquid because it has the potential to carry infectious disease that can be transmitted to you.

Professionals who work at high-risk jobs in the medical field may already wear protective gloves and know the risks and take caution as they come around blood, but the general public is also at risk every day when they encounter unknown substances around them, so exerting caution at all times is vital.

Bloodborne pathogens are a risk you should never take the chance with.

Simply touching blood – even dried blood can be extremely dangerous. What appears to be “dry” blood may, in fact, have only been spilled hours before and therefore still have pathogens in it that are infectious. In the right environment, it could even still pass along diseases including HIV and more.

If you come into contact with dried blood at any time you’re the safest option is to approach it with caution – the same as you would a fresh blood encounter. Use protective gear, an agent such as bleach, to sanitize and always properly dispose of the medical waste in clearly marked and approved containers to prevent further public risk.

For those working in health care, any materials, including gowns, bandages and gauze, that come in contact with blood should be disposed of in red bags.

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dried blood transmit disease

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