Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal is any discarded biological product such as blood or tissue removed from operating rooms, morgues, laboratories, or other medical facilities. The term may also be applied to bedding, bandages, syringes, and similar materials that have been used in treating patients and to animal carcasses or body parts used in research. Medical waste disposal is regulated at the state and local levels.

With Red Bags, medical waste disposal is easy and affordable.  We provide the "Safety Boxes" and red bags with the general service at no additional charge.  However sharps containers are available at an additional cost.

To properly package your medical waste we require your sharps containers to be securely closed and then placed in the red bag which then goes into the safety box.

In addition to general medical waste disposal Red Bags also provides disposal of pharmaceutical waste & trace chemotherapy waste.

With combined services we can provide you additional savings.  Our sister company LegalShred gives us the ability to provide document destruction, hard drive destruction, product destruction of any confidential information.

Medical waste is a highly regulated industry making it essential that you have a company who can guide you through that regulation.  With Red Bags we know the laws regarding the DOT, DEC, DEP, OSHA, Health Department, CDC, FDA and others.

Through the Red Bags compliance portal we provide blood borne pathogen training and other needed trainings to keep you in compliance.   In addition to the trainings we have electronic manifesting, online billing portal, soon to be online booking, MSDS, Self Audit system and more..


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