Importance of Security During COVID-19

Today, as we continue to battle and worldwide pandemic, the nation is forever changed. Everything we do at work and in our personal lives now looks completely different. COVID-19 has created a new level of security and sanitation requirements never before experienced. As a responsible business and health service provider, meeting these strict guidelines is critical to stopping the spread or potential for a resurgence of the virus.

Another thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that private data security is a must, even amidst a pandemic and especially in these uncertain times.

Here are some important points to consider so you don’t let security get too lax during COVID-19.

Establish & Enforce Security Protocols for Your Facility

While most healthcare facilities already have compliance and security guidelines in place for the proper storage and handling of medical equipment, waste, and even paperwork, there are certainly new steps being enforced. It is critical to understand what those reopen guidelines are for your business and to follow them closely for security, protection and peace of mind.

Upon reopening, your staff should be given a training refresher for PPE and processes new and old. You should also ensure you have an adequate supply of PPE on hand and that social distancing protocols and CDC guidelines are enforced.

Maintain Compliance for Medical Waste Pickup

One of the most critical elements in keeping your premises clean and sanitary is medical waste disposal. Even with limited visits from patients or less business happening overall, it is critical to not allow the removal and safe destruction of medical waste to fall by the wayside. Removing this potentially infectious waste from your building and ensuring it has been processed and disposed of properly are both important for your business’s reputation and to protect the public and the environment.

Red Bags offers a convenient pick-up schedule, equipment, and certified staff to help with your medical waste disposal.

Don’t Skip the Shredding Process

While you’re improving your waste disposal processes, do not forget the important role that paper shredding also plays in maintaining security. Even if you aren’t under strict mandates to perform the function, sensitive information should never be left lying around or mistakenly tossed in a regular waste bin. The potential for a breach is far too great during these times.

In partnership with our sister company, Legal Shred, we offer a variety of document, security and media destruction services including x-ray destruction, hard drive, electronics, and media destruction – and more. With all of the uncertainty today, it is critical you have someone in your corner you can trust to handle the waste disposal process is a safe and efficient manner.  Give us a call today!

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