Thanksgiving Travel: Tips for Safe Sharps Disposal

Here are some tips and safeguards that will help make your Thanksgiving travel plans a breeze.

Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled holidays of the year. This year, AAA is predicting that 54 million Americans will hit the road to gather with family and friends and share in the festive meal.

For those who use sharps and will be traveling, they have more than just their belongings to think about taking along. If you’re wondering about how to properly dispose of medical waste when you’re not home, we’ve got you covered with tips and safeguards that will help make your Thanksgiving travel plans a breeze.

Know the Rules

Whether you’re traveling to family close by for Thanksgiving this year or boarding a flight and heading cross-country, it’s important to know the rules of proper sharps storage and disposal. That includes checking on disposal laws that might change based on the state you’re visiting, and also checking with the TSA on how to properly carry your medical supplies on flights. FDA-approved containers are critical at all times.

Secure a Proper Disposal Method

As you’re likely already aware you should never throw loose needles and medical waste into an open trash can or recycling bin. When you’re using your device at a host’s home, in the bathroom or otherwise, you should plan to take the used sharps back with you for safe disposal. In advance of your travels, be sure to have an approved container for the storage and transportation of sharps. Smaller versions of FDA-approved containers have been created to make it easier to travel with them. You can also you an empty laundry detergent or another very thick plastic bottle with a resealable cap as a collection container. Be sure that the plastic cannot be punctured and that you are only filling it ¾ full. Again, take home with you to ensure you’re safely disposing of the waste.

With some preparations before you head out this Thanksgiving, you can spend more time enjoying the company of friends and family and all the delicious foods without worrying about how to dispose of your medical waste.

Wishing you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Red Bags.

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