The Impact of Healthcare Waste Management on Infection Control

It is important that waste generators and responsible facilities remain forerunners in the fight to stop the spread of viruses. 

Healthcare waste management has been an important issue in the industry for years now. From infection control to safety and environmental concerns, the need to properly package, store, and transport medical waste is undeniably critical. 

Today, in the wake of a global pandemic and more people focused on virus tracking and infection control protocols, that need has become further intensified. On one hand, healthcare facilities are under strict mandates to handle and dispose of their medical waste with care, but also they must know what is happening with that medical waste after it leaves the facility to ensure it does not pose a risk to the public. 

To help reduce the chances of biohazardous waste leaking into the environment through soil, or causing injury during transport due to unsafe handling practices, it is critical that facilities work with a medical waste transporter that understands all of the current laws and mandates for handling and disposal. 

Healthcare Waste Management Starts with Supplies

You simply cannot control and maintain proper cleanliness in the healthcare environment without the proper tools and supplies to do so. It is essential that you provide these cleaning agents, protective equipment, and also storage containers properly labeled to keep all waste separated and protected from possible contamination or other injuries. Sharps containers, bins for biohazardous waste, and chemical cleaning agents should always be present.  

Follow with Training 

It is important to not just have the supplies and tools on hand, but also to train your staff and employees on how to properly follow waste control and disposal steps. Provide new employees with these instructions and offer refreshers to those longtime staff members to ensure everyone is up to date on all medical waste disposal codes. 

Make the Rules

The final step in infection control and successful healthcare waste management is to create policies, and then to enforce them. Working with a professional team that provides the tools and support is a key part of the process. It’s up to the rest of the team to also work to make sure these steps are actually happening. 

With COVID-19 shifting the focus to infection control everywhere you go, there is an all-new awareness around safety and sanitation, especially in healthcare. It is important that waste generators and responsible facilities remain forerunners in the fight to stop the spread of viruses. 

At Red Bags we care deeply about the safety of your staff, the public, and the environment. We are working around the clock to keep your facility clean and in compliance. Schedule a medical waste pickup today! 

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