Red Bags Is a Member of the Healthcare Waste Institute. What Does That Mean For You?

HWI is at the forefront of what’s happening, which means Red Bags is, too.

When you work with a waste management company, it’s important to check their professional affiliations.  At Red Bags, we are members of the Healthcare Waste Institute (HWI). What does this mean for you?

Used needles, blood, tissue samples and contaminated clothing are among the things doctors, dentists, and other medical personnel deal with on a daily basis.  Disposing of these potentially dangerous items is tricky.  One cannot simply throw them in the trash because of the contamination risks to people and the environment, and that is why healthcare waste management is a crucial component to environmental protection.  Through HWI, Red Bags has direct access to state and federal regulators and legislators regarding advocacy issues, including the handling and treatment of medical waste for the good of the environment.

As a member of HWI, Red Bags gets the most up-to-date intelligence and information on the medical waste industry as a whole; whether it’s new disposal regulations, storage issues, treatment options, or clarity on complicated issues, HWI is at the forefront of what’s happening, which means we are, too.

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO), all individuals exposed to hazardous health-care waste are potentially at risk, including those within health-care establishments that generate hazardous waste, and those outside these sources who either handle such waste or are exposed to it as a consequence of careless management.

Within healthcare establishments, having the latest information on infection control measures and healthcare waste management tools can help generators provide adequate hygiene practices and immediate protection of the environment. Through HWI, Red Bags can help generators mitigate risk to not only staff, but the communities in which they serve.

Not only are we medical waste professionals, but we are helping people every day by providing our customers with a cost-effective solution to their medical waste and compliance needs along with exceptional customer service. We work very hard each and every day to ensure employee and customer safety, and remain compliant with all state and federal laws, and that is why our professional affiliations matter to us, because we know they matter to you as well.

Healthcare customers are improving their environmental performance by letting us handle their hazardous waste. How can we do the same for you?

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