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Chemotherapy Waste

Chemotherapy Waste

Chemotherapy Waste

Chemotherapy waste is characterized as a hazardous chemical waste by the EPA and must be managed as biomedical waste.

It includes expired drugs, aborted dosages, contaminated personal protective equipment, and other materials. They can be categorized as bulk or trace.  The term “bulk” chemotherapy is defined as chemo waste that exceeds 3% by volume and is considered a RCRA hazardous waste.  Trace chemotherapy is disposed of via incineration.

Our company utilizes color coded equipment to insure your company stays in compliance.  Through the use of Yellow Bags and incineration ONLY boxes you can rest assured that your material is placed in the right container.

In addition to the service of medical waste disposal Red Bags provided confidential information destruction.  This service is done through our sister company Legal Shred.  The services provided include: Paper Shredding to include both mobile and offsite, Hard Drive Destruction, media destruction, product destruction, x-ray destruction and more.

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